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August 18, 2013:
A recent spate of shark attacks, including one where a tourist lost an arm and another where an individual's legs were bit, has got people all attwitter.


2013 Shark Attacks

Since I once lived in Hawaii, I can tell you that the media has hyped up shark attack frequency, even though these things happened before Global Warming, pollutants, and other alleged causes. Sharks eat any food they can catch, and often surfers are mistanken for delicious turtles. Shark attacks are also more frequent in dirty water and near places where rivers and streams empty into the ocean. These are also great places to surf, so you can do the math. Sharks are also somewhat migratory, so if you have the bad luck of being in the water when they are in the neighborhood, then there can be trouble. Additionally, Hawaii tourism has picked up recently, which means that there is just more food in the water to eat

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Movies like Soul Surfer create shark attack buzz

Hawaii Shark AttackThe most recent (to date) shark attack occured in Hilo, on the Big Island, and left a 16 year old with severe leg injuries. A few days earlier, a snorkeling tourist on Maui was bitten by a shark and lost an arm. Hawaii Shark Attack stories have been around as long as people have been on the islands themselves, and for good reason. Tiger sharks and other shark types feed off the seals and turtles around all the Hawaiian islands, especially ones like Kauai, Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Originally this was going to be a site about a SyFy-type movie about sharks that had been crazed by a chemical introduced from the canal that spills into Waikiki. Of course, now there are sharknados and our movie idea is seen as unrealistic. Hawaii Shark Attack promises to be a sensationial independent film about a lost Cold War project that ends up triggering a bloodbath on the sands of Waikiki. Find out how the overlooked Tiger Sharks will be whipped into a tourist munching frenzy. Incognito Media Corporation is optioning the rights to a film and video game based on the premise of Ala Wai canal being contaminated by a chemical that attracts sharks and sets them on overfed tourists. What was once a navy experiment becomes an environmental catastrophe when toxic waste dumpers dispose of an unknown chemical they found in a warehouse they plan to use as a meth lab. Only a scientist and his exotic dancer girlfriend can stop the spill and save her precocious son from the shark whipped waters off Waikiki beach.